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General Search

  1. Select a particular class from the drop down menu for which you want to find the instances.
  2. Select the required data properties of the class. You can select multiple data properties by pressing the Ctrl key. If no data property is selected for a particular class than by default all the data properties will be queried and shown in the resulting answer.
  3. Select the relation of this class with other class and follow a similar procedure in selecting the data property and relationships of this class.

Search by Sample

  1. On selecting the necessary hole, run and section from the drop down menus the appropriate image of the core will be displayed.
  2. On moving the mouse over the blue rectangle section of the image the sample name will be displayed. Click on this rectangle section to get all the required information related to that particular sample.

Search by Investigator

  1. On selecting a particular investigator all the information relating to the investigator will be displayed.

Submit Data

  1. Only registered users have the ability to submit data to the admin.
  2. Select SafodOntology from the first drop down menu.
  3. Next select the class for which you want to send data. On selecting the class, enter a unique id for the instance of that class in the corresponding input box.
  4. Next select the data property values for which you want to populate the data. Multiple data properties can be selected by pressing the Ctrl key. In the corresponding box enter the data values of the selected properties respectively separated by a semicolon (;).
  5. Next select the relation of this class with other class and follow a similar procedure to enter the class instance name and its corresponding property values.